Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon


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Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon

Witchcraft and Wicca

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Up to-
4000 BCE   Mesolithic Period: Hunters and gatherers.

4000 BCE   Approximate date of first documented Proto-Indo European culture ,which is
believed   Druidic, near the Black Sea circa.

4000-      Neolithic Period: Construction of Callanish,  
1800 BCE   and other megalithic monuments. First farmers

3500 BCE   Construction of Newgrange which is the largest megolithic monument in Europe.

1800-      The Bronze Age.
1600 BCE

1000 BCE   Evidence of a Proto-Celtic Unetice or Urnfield  culture in Slovakia circa. The
Iron Age.

900-       Hallstat Period. (Rise of the Celts)
500 BCE

800 BCE    Proto-Celtic Tribes formed to create the Celtic culture circa.

500-       La Tene Period. (Heroic age of the Celts, 
15 BCE     time of mythology)

450 BCE    Celts expanded into Spain. Anglo-Saxon  invasion.

400 BCE    The Celts had nomadically migrated into northern Italy.

390 BCE    Celts invaded Rome

279 BCE    Celts invaded Greece

270 BCE    Celts moved in to Galatia (Central Turkey).

200 BCE    The Celts occupied the British Isles, Brittany,  modern France, Netherlands,
Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

82 BCE     Rome defeats Celts in Italy.

55 BCE     Julius Ceasar of Rome invaded the Celtic Britian.

52 BCE     Julius Ceasar defeats Celts in Gaul.

43-409 CE  Romano-British Era: Rome controls most of  Britian and Wales.

61 CE      Rome attacks Anglesey and destroys Druid Monestaries. 
Remaining Druids escape into mountains of Wales, Scotland and Ireland

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Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon


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