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Do Faerie Witches Worship Nature?

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Witchcraft and Wicca

Witchcraft and Wicca and Doreen Valiente  
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wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Faerie Witches believe that it is necessary to respect and love Nature as a giver and Sustainer of life. Nature encompasses all things such as the essence of life, the universe and its phenomena, forces, energies, personality, instinctive or intuitive behaviour, and so on. Without the sun's light and heat, neither an animal nor a vegetable could exist for a single moment. The sun is responsible for climate and the growth of a plant, for the flow of the rapids, for the composition of a poem and the generation of a musical note, and for the ravages of famine. Naturalism in theology is the doctrine that all truths may be gleaned from observation of the natural world without recourse to the supernatural for revelation. Divine in her own right, the Earth mother is held in high reguard and revered by all Witches. Nature in general is not worshipped, such as the misconception that Witches worship trees.

Trees are very valuable to our ecostructure and have always been thought to be powerful links between us and the Gods as well as to our Rituals. Oak trees being the most commonly used and related to in Faerie Witchcraft. Humans, having the power of speech and reason often feel superior to any other species in animal life. As Witches we acknowledge the concept that we are not only in the world, but part of it. This makes our reguard toward the earth and Nature higher than most. We also do not believe that we are here as fate givers to Gods creatures, nor are we to be placed above them. We are not the pinnacle of creation free to do as we like because God has given us power over the world. We are a foetus in a womb which protects us thus we should not damage Her. Many Witches accept what has come to be known as "the Gaia hypothesis," that the biosphere of our planet is a living being, who is due all the love and respect that we, Her children, can give Her. Ecological awareness is commonly accepted as our sacred duties in order to preserve that in which we reside and are an eternal part of.

The earth has towering mountains, vast and powerful oceans, delightful and delicate flowers, the beauty and suppleness of animals, the sweet and entrancing melody of a song bird, and the athletic grace of human beings. Beyond earth is the sky, with the grandeur of thunder storms, the all encompassing blueness of the daytime sky and the wonder and awe of the starlit night sky, the brilliance of the sun and the serene silver of the moon, but none of these merit our worship. The Sky Father and the Earth Mother are the all encompassing representations of the Omnipotence of God.

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Welsh Witchcraft dragon


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