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Welsh Witchcraft dragon

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Witchcraft and Wicca and Doreen Valiente  
wicca, witchcraft, fantasy, Glenna McReynolds

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Faerie Faith is an ancient Welsh and Pictish folk belief that evolved into a religion from both Druidic and Witchcraft sources around the time Christianity took root in Wales.  Based on Shamanistic folk lore and myth, this religion has shaman and magickal foundations.  It's priesthood evolved from Pictish Shamans and Folk Witchcraft sources .  It is said that it's hierarchy are faerie doctors, cunning men, men in black or wise women. These are people who have seen and interacted with faeries and obtained the knowlege needed to see and experience them.

Based on the ancient Welsh gods of Don, the teachings evolved into a oral Faerie Tradition. The Children of Don chose to stay in Wales after the invasion of the Celts, and took refuge under the hills.  Faerie Folk of Wales or Y Dynion Mwyn are man sized Faeries, and supposedly the spirits of Pict heros. They live underground, in Dolmens or underwater. Of these we can derive the Heroic Faerie and the Medieval Fairie. Wales has two races, a visible race called the Cymry and the invisible Faerie People or the Dynion Mwyn.

The tradition of Y Dynion Mwyn derived from Dynion Mwyn, was named after these Welsh Faerie people of the OtherWorld.

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Welsh Witchcraft dragon


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