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Meet Witches and Pagans from all over the world



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The following was prepared by Lady Gwen Boudicca from notes of classes by Lord Taliesin Einion Vawr

Tenets.  What are they ?  Does everyone have them?   If they don't have them, is that a problem or personal deficiency or oversight of some kind?  And if you don't have tenets, do you care?

AUSTIN, Texas - The exasperated help-line caller said she couldn't get her new computer to turn on.  They tried everything.  Finally, the computer manufacturers technician, made sure the computer was plugged in and then asked the woman what happened when she pushed the power button.

"I've pushed and pushed on this foot pedal and nothing happens," the woman replied. "Foot pedal?" the technician asked. "Yes," the woman said, "this little white foot pedal with the on switch." The "foot pedal," it turned out, was the computer's mouse, a hand-operated device that helps to control the computer's operation.

Completely frustrated, the employee told the customer to unplug the computer and repack it in the box.  Once that was accomplished, the customer asked where she was to send it.  The technician told her to return it to the store where she bought it, because she was to stupid to use a computer.  The employee was fired.

Obviously there are some people out there who are not as knowledgeable about computers as technicians but what did the employee do that was so wrong?

Who said, "Be courteous and kind to all, for you may need that same virtue in times to come"?

ATLANTA, Georgia - Three months after the contract on his new house had been signed, the home buyer asked the builder to make the promised repairs he had been told were included in the sale.  "Sorry," the manager said, "a clause in the contract says `as is', so I have no responsibility".   "But you told me, and I assumed..."  "Too Bad", the builder said.

Obviously people should read contracts before they sign them, but what did the builder do that was so wrong? 

Who said, "The mark of a true seeker is the truth in her word"?

NORFOLK, Virginia - a bookstore owner decided to go into the Festival business.  She had visited a festival in Georgia a few years before, so she stole the name of the festival, told everyone that the organization in Georgia was not holding festivals anymore and that she was the "original" festival and everyone should come to hers.  She then plagiarized the Georgia festivals brochures and web pages, and began circulating slander and defamatory and untrue stories about the people who were holding the true festival.  Many people quit going to the festival in Georgia and began going to the festival in Virginia.  The woman in Virginia made a lot of money.

Obviously everything is fair in business as they say, so what did the woman in Virginia do that was so wrong?

Who said, "life without honor is no life" and "Harm none, do what you will"?

Tenets.  If you don't have tenets, do you care?

If you are a true seeker of the Old Religion, the Old Ways, you have learned certain tenets - period.  True seekers are like minded people.  True seekers meet each other as extended family members with mutual respect, mutual consideration, and a positive attitude.

Again, if you don't have tenets, do you care?

A true seeker will not compromise his/her religious oaths, his /her religious word, and his/her religious secrecy.  A true seeker is mature enough, experienced enough and life savvy enough to forgive, forget and grow from situations where others have falsely accused them.

Harm none, do what you will

True seekers do not maliciously attack another seeker, regardless of path or tradition.  True seekers do not malign, accuse ridicule nor assault each other.  Those are the ways of the cowan's world - not the way of the children of the Goddess and the God.

Should your tradition, coven, priests/priestesses, or you individually, be the target of malicious slander and/or surreptitious accusations - the ways of the world dictate that legal action ensue against such misfeasance causing the evil doer to take full ownership of their misdeeds.  But we, the children of the Goddess and the God - the true seekers of the Old Religion and the Old Ways, are not of this World and do not avow the ways of Cowans.  We rectify such slander or false accusations with Love-Knowledge-Power.

We are Y Dynion Mwyn - the Welsh Faerie Folk.   Our foremost tenet is also our primary Law - Harm none - do as you will.

We are not perfect.  We are students and true seekers of the Old Religion - the Old Ways.  The Faerie Folk subscribe to a life affirming belief system.  As biological or adopted descendants, we also subscribe to certain tenets.  Following is the list of our twenty-three tenets and a brief explanation of their religious meaning.


The below tenets only apply to the tradition of Dynion Mwyn.  They are a requirement for practicing our Religion.


  • (1) HONOR - This is the first major tenet.   All true seekers have Integrity guided by a high sense of Duty toward the Old Religion - the Old Ways of Dynion Mwyn.  They live up to the terms of all commitments and are straightforward in their conduct.  All true seekers actively regard the standards of Honesty and be Trustworthy in keeping their word.  They refuse to lie, steal or deceive in any way.  They are incorruptible and incapable of being false to their responsibility or oath.
  • (2) LOYALTY - The second major tenet; All true seekers are unswerving in their allegiance, faithful in their Duty and Devotion and committed to the cause and ideal of the religion of Dynion Mwyn and the Old Ways.
  • (3) SINCERITY - The third major tenet; All true seekers show an absence of deceit and hypocrisy while demonstrating the desire to learn and practice what is right and genuine;
  • (4) RESPONSIBLE - The fourth major tenet; All true seekers are reliable, answering and being held accountable for their conduct, actions and obligations.
  • (5) RESPECT - The fifth major tenet; All true seekers show a high regard for others who deserve that regard.  But only if the person or group has earned that regard.  You can not respect someone if you do not know them.   Respect everyone, but watch your pocketbook.  Trust is a sub tenet which depends on respect.  Rhuddlwm's grandfather said: "Son, in the game of poker, trust everyone but make sure you cut the cards before the deal."  In other words, you can only Trust what you can see evidence of.
  • (6) FAIRNESS - All true seekers behave in an equitable, impartial and unbiased manner, following the pagan standard of behavior which is equal treatment of all concerned.
  • (7) LOVE - All true seekers display devotion, unselfish loyalty, and benevolent concern for the good of all true seekers.   This is a strong affection which arises out of the personal ties between initiates.   That is the basis for "perfect love..."
  • (8) CARING - All true seekers demonstrate consideration and watchful attention with regard to other seekers.  This comes from a feeling of concern in the best sense of the word,  This is a benevolence of feeling and disposition to doing good with a compassionate and kind manner.
  • (9) ENTHUSIASM - All true seekers are passionately inspired and ardently attached to the cause, beliefs and interests of the Old Religion - the Old Ways.
  • (10) DILIGENCE - All true seekers persevere in their duty toward the Old Religion - the Old Ways.  This is characterized by a steady, earnest and energetic application of their effort which ensures they are successful in their endeavors.
  • (11) INITIATIVE - All true seekers display energy and aptitude in beginning an enterprise, without major help from others.
  • (12) TOLERANCE - All true seekers strive to attain a form of wisdom which allows them to refrain from passing judgment on fellow seekers.
  • (13) COURAGEOUS - All true seekers evidence Bravery, show firmness of their mind and have the mental and moral strength to resist oppression, danger or hardship.  All true seekers develop the ability to make a mental determination of danger, and act with bravery thereupon.
  • (14) CHARITY - All true seekers stress generosity and helpfulness toward the needy and suffering, being merciful in judging others and have an interest in the welfare of other seekers.
  • (15) HUMILITY - All true seekers are aware of their own shortcomings.  This ability comes from inner strength and experience.   True seekers are not arrogant, do not have false-pride and egotistic self-interest.  True Elders do not let their egos run their lives.  If they have to ask for respect or trust, they do not deserve it.
  • (16) DEVOTION - All true seekers dedicate themselves to the Old Religion - the Old Ways - volunteering their time and effort to its cause and beliefs.
  • (17) PATIENCE - All true seekers have developed the ability to be calm and composed under conditions of suffering or provocation or while performing a laborious task.  They do this without complaint, haste or impetuosity.
  • (18) KINDNESS - All true seekers have a sincere desire never to hurt another person or thing, being considerate of others' feelings, demonstrating helpfulness, gentleness and sympathy
  • (19) FORBEARANCE - All true seekers show perseverance and determination with a serenity and control of their mind under provocation;
  • (20) DISCERNMENT AND DISCRETION - All true seekers have developed the ability to discern character; seeing beneath the surface intellect to determine truth in the face of disguise.  All true seekers have developed the ability to make responsible and correct decisions.  They have the power to select and distinguish what is true, appropriate and excellent.
  • (21) EFFICIENCY - All true seekers develop the ability to deal with their environment with a minimal expenditure of time, energy and Earth's resources.  This is done with precision, exactness, accuracy and definitiveness.  Magick works.
  • (22) COURTEOUS - All true seekers can be identified by their respect for and consideration of others.  They have a generosity of spirit.
  • (23) WISDOM - All true seekers have the goal of attaining knowledge which has been tested by experience.  They have a mental grasp of the nature, significance, facts, information of things, and discernment of their true nature.  They have developed the power of comprehension, understanding deeply; exercising sound judgment, and have excellent common sense.

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