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Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon

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  Welsh Witchcraft dragon

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As Taught by Y Dynion Mwyn, Inc.

Established in the United States, 1967
P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, Georgia 30006-0006


Y Dynion Mwyn holds certain religious symbols to be of primary importance. Each God and Goddess is represented by a totem animal which symbolizes the power of the deity in our daily life. This relationship between animals and deities, has over the eons, built a complex relationship of religious rituals, energies of the land, and magickal practices. This same philosophy is applied to trees, plants, mountains, springs and the weather. Every Land or tribal location has a Sacred Centre of Divine Being. Following is a summary of major Welsh totem animals and their divinities:

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Owl of Wisdom is associated with Bloeddewedd, and is a symbol of knowledge.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Stag is associated with Cernunnos. This is the aspect of the wild hunt in which the spirits of the dead are transported to the underworld. The horns of the stag are symbolic of the Lord of the Animals. Also associated with Merlin.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Serpent is also associated with the God Cernunnos and is found on Torcs, the sacred neck ornament. Some serpent Torcs also have a ram's head which symbolize the power of nature and animals.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Horse is associated with the Goddesses Epona and Rhiannon. This represents the power and fertility of the horse connected to the Kingship of the clan.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Bear is associated with the Goddesses Artio and Andarta and the Gods Arthgen (Arthur) and Artogenus. The Bear symbolizes the King's connection to the land as well as the Constellation Arcturus, The Great Bear.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Bull is associated with the God Esus, trees, and the three Cranes.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Boar is associated with the Goddess Ceridwen and the God Math. The Pig is thus closely associated with shape shifting transformative powers as well as necromancy and flight. Other important totem animals are:

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Raven is associated with the goddess Morrigna,

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Salmon of Knowledge  is associated with the Goddess Cerridwen.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Hare is associated with, and the Goddess Cerridwen.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Ram is associated with the God Cernunnos.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Celtic Cross is the equal armed cross in a circle which is the symbol of male and female energies confined only by the boundaries of the Universe associated with the Goddess Donn.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Winged Ankh represents eternal life and strength of the soul associated with the Goddess Donn

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  The Pentacle represents spiritual and earthly power; the point of the pentacle is always pointed up, meaning good, never down, which symbolizes evil, associated with the God Amaetheon.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   Cromlech: This is a large stone placed upon two upright stones to make a able or altar. It was always placed in the center of the circle.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Cairns: These were either large stones or a pile of stones that were placed on high ground, such as a hill, and used to worship their deity.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan   Viereckschanzen: These are roughly rectangular wall or ditch constructions that appear in the La Te/ne period from middle France. Inside of these rectangular wall and ditch enclosures, which also quite often had elaborate gate constructions, there often appear deep pits which in some cases still contained wooden statues of "gods" and a number of offerings. Equal pits, but without the surrounding wall and ditch constructions, have also been found on the British isles. Sometimes also small houses appear inside these Viereckschanzen, which in some cases appear to be the precedessors of later Gallo-Roman temples.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Portal Tombs: Also called dolmens, they consisted of three or more standing stones capped typically by a large monolith and the dead would be buried under an earthen mound. Erosion over the millenia caused these structures which were built between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago to appear like an altar or table, hense the term dolmen.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Druid Sigil: The origin of this is unknown, however, it is commonly seen as a leaved wreeth with two staves running through it.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Awen: The three rays of light known as, The Awen, form a symbol of the Devine name and concentre upon the stone of speech as do the rays of the summer solstice and of the spring and autumn equinoxes upon the altar stone at Stonehenge. The Awen symbolizes the source of Light in the cosmos and in man whence come the Druidic virtues of courage, brotherhood, and selfless service.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Torc: This was often a ceremonial neck piece worn by the Druids and often worn by Celtic hierarchy. The actual significance of this is unknown.

wicca, witchcraft, druid, pagan  Triskell:The triskell is considered British origin, finding its way from Scotland, Wales and Cornwall over to Brittany. The 3 arms are said to represent Earth, Wind, and Fire. It is often said that the triskel represents the three druidic virtues or the three stages of life to the Celts

We believe that when we die, we travel to that land beyond the veil of Maya, where weary souls repose within the realms of the Horned One and the Great Mother, to grow young again and to be reborn upon the earth. This is that fair land of nod called GWLAD YR HAV or the Summerland. It is the land to which the Wiccae go when they leave this life on earth. This is the abode of the Gods and Goddesses.of the Welsh Tradition.

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May the gods lead you to the right path.

When we part, we always say:
Blessed Be!

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Welsh Witchcraft dragon

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