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What is a Seeker?

By Taliesin Enion Vawr

As a seeker, you have a great deal of responsibility: you must choose your path wisely; you must choose your teacher wisely; and you must give up all of your previous bad habits.

You, as the seeker, are co-equal with the teacher BUT you must still remain a seeker and not become the teacher. A seeker will gain understanding as a seeker but will never be the teacher of their teacher. The seeker cannot carry skepticism into the learning process.


Let us begin with the skeptic. The seeker cannot carry skepticism into the learning process. It would be pointless to repeat it several more times. Use it as a mantra if it will help you get past the point. It is also OK to listen (or read carefully if you prefer) to OUR awareness on this point.

A skeptic has not yet chosen their path and is testing the waters. This is inappropriate for a learning process and is abusive to a teacher. The testing and doubting need to be done PRIOR to working with a teacher. Forcing tests, doubts, demands, and worse, hostile teaching on a teacher is abusive. If you are a skeptic, go elsewhere.


The seeker has the responsibility to FIRST choose their path carefully. The seeker has the responsibility to FIRST, choose their teacher carefully. None of this is the responsibility of the teacher. None of this is the responsibility of the path. Once these have been chosen by the seeker, teaching, skepticism, hostility, demands of proof, questioning the path or teacher, are all inappropriate. You, as a seeker have chosen the path and teacher. If the teacher allows you to begin sharing, you cannot demand the teacher to continuously validate YOUR choice.

You should have done that prior to bringing the teacher into your world. If you bring a teacher into your life and then question, demand, teach, ignore the teacher, and so on, you have brought a teacher not to learn but to abuse.


When a seeker hears something that makes them doubt, it is the responsibility of the seeker to ask the teacher for an explanation, otherwise such doubt is abuse of the teacher.


You MUST give up all the past ways of your life or you will not have changed to the new way.  Yes, you may change but it will be in ways that are in tune with your past habits and attitudes and not the new way. This is likely what you have gone to a teacher to change. Unless you give up all the past ways of your life, you will remain under the control of exactly what you said you wanted to avoid. Not only that, but the past ways will now be even more in control and much more difficult to change. Change to the new ways completely and THEN you can safely choose (carefully) those of the old ways you will keep.

You say the teacher does many things she will not allow you, as the seeker, to do? My, My, how arrogant.

You are demanding the teacher come to your level! How abusive. You are demanding the teacher be as the seeker and not as the teacher. Thus, the kindergarten teacher cannot drive a car, since the 5 year old seeker cannot, otherwise the 5 year old can say the teaching and teacher are invalid. That is not an exaggeration, it is actually common.

For example, the person giving up alcohol cannot continue to go to their favorite bar. They cannot carry an alcoholic drink in their hand as they used to. They cannot sip an alcoholic drink and spit it out. They cannot "take a nip" and think all is well. They cannot pine for the "good old days" of wine and roses. They cannot stand outside their favorite bar and smell the beer. They cannot put up Budweiser and Miller and Schlitz, and other beer or whisky or vodka, or gin, or etc., signs in their house and sing the beer jingles and remember how they enjoyed life so much more when they could drink. This list could go on and on. The teacher may not have a problem with alcohol and can drink some (not likely all since they don't have that problem) of these things.

The teacher may go to the bar and have a drink. The seeker cannot.

You cannot stop drinking until you stop.

You cannot change until you change.

You cannot learn until you become a seeker.


It is important to understand that a seeker cannot learn a new spiritual path and combine it with their old path, mixing and matching as it suits them without being on neither path. You can do this of course but not while being a seeker. If you become a seeker of Plato, you cannot teach Plato to be a catholic so you can be a platonic catholic. While you are learning from Plato, you must learn the path of Plato. After learning the path of Plato, you may stop being a seeker and join the two paths to suit yourself. Remember not to tell the world that Plato taught you Catholic Plato because that is not true. Tell the world you learned from Plato and from the Pope and you joined them, calling it Poto (or whatever), and don't say that it is Plato's path.


Is the seeker equal with the Teacher? Yes of course. The seeker has a role. The teacher has a role. They are equally important. If two things are equally important are they not equal? The teacher needs to stay in their role. They are not allowed to become the seeker. When that happens, learning ends and confusion begins. The seeker cannot become the teacher of their teacher. In order to learn, the seeker needs to be in their own equal role and not become the teacher. If the seeker needs to teach, they must go and allow the universe to deliver seekers for them to teach. The seeker must never teach their teacher or learning ends and equality will have been stolen by the seeker, robbing the teacher of their role and training the seeker in abuse.


And, again, you say that the teacher says they are learning more than the seeker. And, you say you hear this from all teachers so why can't the teacher become the seeker since they all say they are learning more than the seeker and that means they are even more of a seeker than the seeker. Whew!! What convoluted thinking. The worst part is that many, many people think this way. Of course the teacher learns more than the seeker.

The teacher is no longer on the same level as the seeker. Is it right for the seeker to demand the teacher function at the same level as the seeker? Outrageous. The teacher is not learning the same things the seeker is learning. When the seeker becomes a teacher of the same level, the seeker will then understand. Until then, the teacher will remain the teacher and the seeker will remain the seeker or learning is at an end and abuse has begun.


If you have chosen a path or a teacher, and it is a poor choice, stop. If you chose without good understanding of the teacher or the path, you have made a mistake, not the teacher or the path. If you are weak and backslide, the teacher and the path are not to blame, you are weak. The path (whatever it may be) does not backslide. The teacher (whatever they teach) does not backslide. It matters not if you are the only seeker of the path you have chosen and there are none others in the world. A path or a teacher is not validated by the number of followers, practitioners, or teachers. If that were so, the catholic church would be the ONLY church to belong to as it was for a thousand years (in the realm of Christianity anyway) and neither you nor I are likely to want that to be back in existence.


If as a seeker, you gain understanding slowly, it is not the path or the teacher, it is you who are gaining slowly. If it is your perception you are gaining slowly, you are making a mistake. If it is your teachers perception you are gaining slowly, it is your responsibility to learn from that whatever the teacher is bringing forth. As a seeker, you must put aside your perceptions and rely on the teacher to teach you about the new life you have chosen. As a seeker, you have not chosen a new life for the teacher. As a seeker, you have not chosen to be the teachers teacher and tell them what to teach and how to teach and when to teach and whether their teaching is correct or not. All teachers teach correctly all the time for the path that they teach. Read that over a few times and get it down, it is accurate and important.


As a seeker it is not appropriate to force a schedule on the teacher. If you demand a time, place, progress, select the part to be taught, practice the portions you chose, turn away from the parts of the teaching you decide are not for you, and so on, you have brought a teacher into your life for you to abuse.


As a seeker it is not appropriate to chose the teaching you want and reject the portion you do not want. You have the responsibility to chose a path. Then you have the responsibility to chose a teacher. The path does not seek you out. the teacher does not seek you out. Even teachers who put out signs and actively tempt followers are only following their path and not specifically seeking YOU. You may pass by and go on to another path or remain on the one you already have.

Only governments and cults use guns to train you with. In those cases, they are not teachers but trainers. Yes, and you will play the role of animal. When you turn the roles and force the teacher to be trained by you, the teacher is being treated as an animal by the seeker because the seeker has abandoned the path and teacher and turned their roles into lies. Such teaching of the teacher can only be done by forcing. Forcing is training, not teaching. You the seeker have chosen. Stay or go. Do nothing else or you become an abuser and a trainer of animals.


You must apply all of the above to your choice. You will be abusing yourself, not the writing or the path. You can abuse a teacher but not a path. The path just is. The teaching just is. The teacher is human and can be abused. Doing the things described above (among many other things seekers do to teachers) is abusive to a teacher. If you are abusing a teacher you are an abusive person. Read that a few times, it is accurate and important. Keep in mind that abusing a teacher and therefore being an abusive person is in that case, YOUR path, not the teachers. If the teacher continues with you it is the teacher that is patient. It does not mean the teacher likes abuse. It does mean you are being forgiven (at some level) and given more chances to show your path. If that path continues to be abusive, you will eventually get the message and the teacher has done a good job. If you give up the abuse and begin to be a seeker, learning the path you have chosen from the teacher you have chosen, you will have done a good job and so will the teacher.  If the teacher quits teaching an abusive seeker, the seeker should learn from the teaching. No teacher ever is wrong for the path they teach.


Once again. No teacher is ever wrong for the path they teach. If you go to a teacher to learn the earth is flat, that teacher will teach you the earth is flat. No matter what physical truth may be in the science realm, the teacher will teach you how to see the path of flat earth. The teacher cannot be wrong for the path they teach. Yes, I know the world is round but it is possible to see an alternate viewpoint and that someone could believe the flat earth viewpoint completely and be able to teach the manner of that belief. No matter if the teacher's path is one that says we are television pixels dancing to a demon god's pleasure. The teacher teaches that path and the method of seeing that path and is NOT WRONG.

The path may be wrong for you. The teacher may be wrong for you. The teacher is correct for the path the teacher teaches. At this level, only the seeker can be wrong.


Now you know something about how to become a seeker. But you say, the teacher does not live as they teach. Well, I say, the teacher has the responsibility to teach a path, not to follow the path according to the perception of some seeker. Do you really think that a kindergarten teacher must live the life of a 5 year old to be able to teach a five year old? Do you think a history teacher should be allowed to speak only of history and live only the life of history and never partake of modern, non-historical pleasures and life style? Is the Spanish teacher invalidated because they also speak English? What an interesting and arrogant judgement. You who think this are abusive.

You are on the path of abuse. You are teaching abuse. You will live by this sword and it shall follow you all the days of your life.

If you chose to be a seeker; be one! If you chose to be abusive, you will show that and will learn that. Keep in mind that a teacher may continue with an abusive seeker for that seeker to learn who they are and the path they are on. Teachers teach in many ways. seekers can learn in only one way. Reread all of the above if you don't understand. Read it until it makes sense. What is written here is accurate and important.

As you can tell, there is room for at least twelve books in what is written in the above paragraphs. As a teacher, I expect you, the seeker, to gain the knowledge of those twelve books from the few paragraphs written above. I tell you that I can see the depth. It is now the responsibility of the seeker to gain that ability since the teacher has pointed it out. Personally, I can't read this often enough. It runs through my head as a mantra daily. I am after all, my own seeker. If I abuse me, where can I go to avoid abuse?. "Woe unto they who teach themselves if their seeker be abusive."


It is tough enough to work with an abusive seeker let alone someone teaching themselves. It has been my practice in the past to allow abusive seekers to continue until they find how abusive they are and then, if they won't stop being abusive to end the teaching from my end. I feel it is important to allow a fellow human to learn of who they are and where that came from. It is also important to know once the seeker finds they are abusive and they don't stop, it is because they have joined that teaching. The teacher then needs to stop being a target for the abusers practice. Thus, I have often worked with seekers far longer than the time in which they were learning the path I teach. As time progressed, their abuse became so obvious even the blindest of them finally began to see the level of abuse they were creating. At that point, it is the teachers responsibility to decide if the seeker is going to continue to teach abuse or if the seeker will now change and learn as a seeker. The teacher has done the job when the seeker gains awareness. That awareness may take many forms and very often, the teaching will stop almost immediately thereafter. Only a few seekers gaining that first level of awareness realize it is just like going to school. When the teacher says you must now come back next year and start all over again with even more difficult things to do and learn, most seekers are resentful and wish to resign. Oh well, higher levels of attainment are not for all.


Do you know how to be a seeker? Can you be your own teacher? You can be your own non-abusive teacher only if you also know how to be a seeker. Do you really want to be a teacher? Learn to be a seeker. Of course, if you understand what is written above, you can begin teaching now, ready or not. Believe me, no teacher is not ready (a little Germanic double-negative there). If you understand nothing of what is here written, begin teaching and you will be a teacher of your path. You will be the right and correct teacher (although likely an abusive seeker to yourself) of your path. You can not be anything else. Can you be wrong? Not for YOUR path. Can I be wrong? Not for MY path.

All seekers begin as children trying to learn a new way. But in the Craft, it is the responsibility of the seeker to ask questions and the responsibility of the teacher to answer. It is not the right of the seeker to answer for the teacher. Only the teacher may answer. The seeker does not know what the teacher will say, therefore cannot know what they should say. Are you looking at these words? Are you learning? You are a seeker. Are you skeptical? Are you rejecting?

Are you making up new ways to see this and to correct the path of words shown here? If so, you are a seeker of another path and you are welcome to my words. If you come to me personally and become my seeker and then attack my teaching, you will not be a seeker, you will be a trainer and you will be abusive. You cannot abuse my path, it just is. You cannot abuse my written word, it just is. You can abuse me, for I am human. You can abuse YOU, for you are human. Teach yourself wisely for each of us is our own path. Treat your teacher carefully and with honor for as you behave, so shall you learn and so shall you become.

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May the gods lead you to the right path.

When we part, we always say:
Blessed Be!


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