Witchcraft and Wicca and Doreen Valiente

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Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon


What is a High Priest or High Priestess?

Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon

Witchcraft and Wicca

Witchcraft and Wicca and Doreen Valiente

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To describe the office of High Priest and Priestess it is necessary to describe the structure of the Church of Dynion Mwyn. We say that we have nine levels but that is not entirely accurate. There are several things that happen to a person as they begin the journey on their way.

These things do not happen in the same order to each person but here are four of them:

1. Dedication to the coven.

2. Initiation by the Gods

3. Worldly recognition of their Initiation and their ability to act as a Priest or Priestess

4. Adoption into the tribe/family of Dynion Mwyn which is permanent and irrevokable.

The Church is organized around an Inner and Outer Circle, with the Outer Circle representing those members who are studying for initiation and the Inner Circle which is composed of Initiated witches. The Coven of Dynion Mwyn has both resident and correspondence study courses available for seekers wishing to learn more about our tradition and possibly become initiated. In order to be initiated, a student must be personally taught by a high priest or High priestess certain amount of face to face training is required. No one is initiated by correspondence. The tradition practiced is Dynion Mwyn

Training in Y Dynion Mwyn consists of Levels or stages of instruction. Each Level has its own initiation which is performed with others in a Circle or Grove. The first three levels are:

The Witch - Initiation into the first Level is followed with work on the healing and divinatory skills of the Y Dynion Mwyn, a study of sacred sites and trees, animals and plants. This level takes you on a journey through the cycle of the year.

The Priesthood -This Level introduces you to the advanced concepts of Witchcraft and shows you a living Way that can be taught in the modern world, bringing a greater sense of connection with all of nature, and with the ancient heritage of the Celtic wisdom/tradition. The initiate learns to teach and lead.

The High Priesthood - In this Level, the teachings continue with the study of the Celtic Grail myths and are particularly concerned with helping each member find their true direction and purpose in life. The initiate is becoming an Elder.

Among the many characteristics that distinguish Y Dynion Mwyn from other traditions of Witchcraft are: a strong emphasis on the shamanic trance experience, through drumming, meditation, and sensual awareness; the acknowledgment of an ecstatic journey to Faerieland through the art of Shape-Shifting; a path of sexual mysticism; the use of the Welsh language, bardic poetry and liturgical material in ritual and worship; acknowledgment of Welsh deities and archetypes specific to the Tradition;. a strong identification with the realms of Fairy; the generation of Fairy Power; a unique assignment of the elements of air, earth, fire, and water to the four directions; the principle of the Three Selves; a robe and cingulum of specific colors which represents the level or degree of attainment; visualization of a blue flame of protection; a tribal and clan experience in the coven; and veneration of the warrior ethic. Our tradition does not coddle the weak, support those who are insincere, or tolerate dishonor. Y Dynion Mwyn is gender equal.

Because of an ecstatic Shamanistic emphasis, there is more risk of mental disturbance than in Wiccan traditions, which only work with the fertility aspect. There are uncertain boundaries and unseen dangers in this dimension of the spirit which we call Faerieland because the Trance State takes us into a different state of reality. Tree Spirits, Gnomes and fairies dwell there, and you must be careful how you deal with them. For this reason, our tradition is not for everybody, and it is not open to mass attendance.

The Y Dynion Mwyn religious philosophy includes a deep respect for the wisdom of Nature, a love of natural beauty, a manifestation of bardic creativity, and the practice of Celtic Shamanism.

This is in contrast to traditions which practice only psychodrama through ritual.

Y Dynion Mwyn , in common with other initiatory traditions of the Craft is a mystery religion of Love, Knowledge and Power, resulting in the mystery of physical, mental and spiritual ecstasy, and a direct communication with the divine. Our Gods are not forces from the collective unconscious; they are REAL. Thus, we have the responsibility to respect them and help them just as we do to our human Mother and Father.

Y Dynion Mwyn uses a specific collection of Welsh chants and ritual tradition, which provide a framework for our Circles. The Magickal events are triggered by the participants entering into a psychic state of sensitivity. Rituals are diverse and passed down from the ancient Welsh tribe of Dynion Mwyn, although we have borrowed from other Celtic sources as well. Y Dynion Mwyn has a initiatory lineage, traceable to Prince Llewellyn of Wales.


The High Priestess must be an ordained offieriades. The High Priest must be an ordained offeriade. The High Priestess is the final word on the quality of Worship as the High Priest is the final word on the quality of Magick within the Coven or Grove Circles. The High Priest's relationship is: Father, Brother, and Lover. The Priestess's relationship is: Mother, Sister, and Lover.


Although members are given a voice in the coven. The Grove of Dynion Mwyn is not a democracy. Meetings are opened to all who are initiated. Whatever the business, it is open to discussion by all. But, there are no votes taken because there are only two people in the coven that bear the responsibility for the actions of this coven, the High Priestess and the High Priest.

So, the final decision is theirs ALONE. When the Circle is cast by The Priest and Priestess, they are the absolute rulers of the coven.

No witch shall enter the Circle without PERFECT LOVE AND PERFECT TRUST in all members of the Circle. If one disagrees with the decision of the leaders of any coven or circle. It is their right and duty to leave the coven. There is no other lawful recourse. Leaders must be ever mindful that members will soon leave an unjust leader.


All ways of loving the Goddess are correct. None are Wrong as long as they are based in love. Say not "they are wrong" say "they are a different path from mine". Until you know in your heart that you have found your path, do not deny any path that you have not walked. When you find your path, still walk other paths with your brothers and sisters in joy and love.

Goddess image

May the gods lead you to the right path.

When we part, we always say:
Blessed Be!


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Welsh Witchcraft dragon


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