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Questionaire and Dynion Mwyn Membership Application

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Taught by Camelot Ltd.
P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, Georgia 30006-0036

Questionaire and Y Dynion Mwyn Membership Application

The questions below are designed to permit us to understand your interests and experiences and relate them to our Earth Religion philosophy. We wish to help you meet your spiritual needs and connect you with others with whom you will be compatible. Please answer all questions completely, enclose a photo of yourself, and sign the application. There are no wrong answers. Your answers are kept in the strictest confidence to protect your privacy.  After completing this questionaire, go to the Lesson Registration Form .  After completing the 13 Treasures correspondence course you will have a chance to continue your studies toward initiation.

Thank you for your honesty.....Blessed Be!

Print out and mail to: Camelot Ltd.
Post Office Box 673206
Marietta, Georgia 30006-0036

Name: _________________________________ Today's Date:__________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ____________ Zip: __________

Home Phone: (____)_____________ Work Phone: (____)_______________

Occupation :_____________________ E-Mail Address __________________

Birth Date/Time/Place: ____________

Sex: Male____ Female____ Marital Status:________

If Married, is Spouse Interested? Yes____ No___ Do You Have Children?_______

Educational Background: _______________________________________________________

Background in Occult:__________________________________________________________

Hobbies/Special Interests:_______________________________________________________

Have you previously taken courses in the Occult? Yes____ No____

If you answered "yes," Please describe:_____________________________________________

Past Religious Experience:________________________________________________________

Current Religious Preference:______________________________________________________

Membership in occult groups other than Witchcraft:_____________________________________

Do you have friends with whom you can study and work with who would like to form a Wiccan study group? _________

If you live in Georgia or the surrounding states, after you have completed two correspondence
lessons, do you wish to celebrate Sabbats with us? __________ Attend classes?__________
Take the correspondence course?___________________


On separate sheets of paper, complete the following questions, enclose a recent photo and attach to the Application form.

  1. List the books that you have read on Earth religions, Paganism and witchcraft.
  2. Describe your current state of physical health. Do you have any emotional or mental problems?
  3. Describe yourself - physical, personality, interests, etc.
  4. What do you expect to get out of the study of Witchcraft?
  5. What are your feelings about nudity? If you have problems with nudity, it would be better that you try to find a robed group.  But understand, real Witchcraft practices some rituals skyclad.  Do you have sexual problems? Are you heterosexual or homosexual? Do you have problems with either?  Explain.
  6. Do you object to working with people of different nationalities? If so, please explain.
  7. Can you work under the direction of others? How do you feel about being taught by a strong-willed Male? A strong-willed Female? Why?
  8. What are your feelings about white magic and black magic?
  9. What are you feelings as to the feminine (Goddess) and masculine (God) aspects of the Great Spirit?
  10. If you are currently a member of another Coven or Earth religion group, why are you seeking another group? If you are a member of another Group, may we contact your present or past High Priest/ess?
  11. For those outside of the Atlanta metropolitan area, do you wish to enroll in our correspondence course?
  12. What does the statement, "And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will" mean to you?
  13. Do you have specific concerns that you would like to ask at this time?

Check any of the following that interest you.

____Astrology ____Yoga ____Physical Conditioning
____Native American ____Crystal Balls ____I Ching
____Dream Interpretation ____Herbal Magic ____Numerology
____Sex Magick ____Alchemy ____Psychology
____Esoteric Christianity ____Ghosts & Spirits ____Massage
____Psychic Development ____Palmistry ____Voodoo
____Holistic Healing ____Occult Philosophy ____Paganism
____Personal Religion ____Nature Religion ____Parapsychology
____Sexual Energy Training ____TANTRA ____Polarity Therapy
____Spiritual Guides ____Witchcraft ____Astral Projection
____Herbs and Healing ____Martial Arts ____Wicca
____Borderline Sciences ____Anthropology ____Meditation
____Health Foods ____Graphology ____Divination
____World Religions ____Tarot ____Dowsing
____Practice of Magic ____Ley Lines ____Kabbalah
____Spiritualism/Channeling ____Prophecy ____UFOs
____Western Mystery Tradition ____Visualization ____Mind Training
____Celtic Mythology ____Western Mysticism ____General Mythology


I swear that the above answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am sincerely interested in further contact with a Coven involved in Witchcraft and the Earth Religion Movement. I have an honest desire to learn about the Old Religion. I am not: a Satanist, Law Enforcement Officer or a member of another religion who is infiltrating your organization for purposes of disruption or information gathering. I will maintain the confidence extended to me by my signature hereon

Signature: _________________________________________________________





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