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Association of Cymry Wiccae, Inc.

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The Association of Cymry Wiccae, Inc. (ACW) is a nonprofit religious organization and was originally created in 1967 to promote interest in Celtic Earth Religions, increase cooperation among Earth Religion Groups and secure legal protection for Pagan churches and covens which is enjoyed by other religions. The ACW has had an official Group IRS tax exemption since 1977 which is transferable to its member churches.  The ACW issues charters to qualified Pagan churches, and issues ministerial credentials to qualified persons. We have been recognized as a non-profit religious tax exempt organization by an Administrative Court of the federal government.

We co-publish the Sword of Dynion Mwyn newsletter 8 times a year, co-host The Gathering of the Tribes in North Georgia or Tennessee around the Fall Equinox and encourage networking nationally through local networks. Members are Celtic Earth Religion Churches and individuals who are working together toward building and maintaining a New Craft Community. Back to the top.


The ACW is a confederation of Earth Religion Churches of various Celtic or Welsh traditions, who share in the worship of the Goddess and the Old Gods and subscribe to a traditional code of ethics.

Major decisions within the ACW are made through consensus at an annual Council Meeting.  A facilitator, who acts with the authority of a council, carries on the day-to-day operation of the Association.  We are organized as a Celtic Family. Within the body of the Association there are committees that work on different functions such as a Newsletter, Gathering, Ritual Planning, etc.  Consensus is attempted within each Committee and then presented at Council meetings (open to the entire body of the Association). The Council is accountable for what we do and decide as a Association, therefore, Council membership is only open to those who express interest and commitment.

Conflict resolution is handled through mediation. If there is a personal conflict within the group (Association Body, Committee, or Council) the conflict is identified and named by the facilitator who appoints a mediator. The mediator speaks with all parties involved in the dispute and sets a time agreeable to all to work out the grievance. If the grievance is not settled after the second attempt to resolve the issues, the facilitator will immediately stand within the Sacred Space of the Council Circle where all who are involved will have the opportunity to speak their personal truth regarding the matter. The Council will then arbitrate a settlement of the conflict. Our intent is that this will lead to resolution of the conflict and the evolution of the group as a whole.Back to the top.


We are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice.   In fact we suggest that the first thing you do after joining the Association is to consult an attorney.  If you will click HERE, you will be taken to a section which will give you an outline of the requirements to become "legal" as required by the bylaws of the Association of Cymry Wiccae, Inc.

We recommend that all Witchcraft/Wiccae churches/covens become incorporated.   Why?  It is simple.  We want our religion to be recognized by local, state and federal governments.  Not only is it much easier to be recognized as a legal religious body when you are legally incorporated, but it reduces the amount of official religious persecution that would otherwise be present.


The Association has limited membership. A Pagan church, grove or temple which follows the Celtic Earth Religion Path can be eligible for membership in the Association, if the following criteria is met:

  1. The group must focus on religion, ritual, etc., around the worship of the Old Gods.
  2. The group must follow a code of ethics compatible with that of the Association.
  3. The group must have been meeting regular for at least six months.
  4. The group must have two or more members who have been accepted into the clergy.
  5. The group must be a cohesive, self perpetuating group.

Those groups accepted as members may then appoint a representative to attend the meetings of the Association.

The application below must be completed.

Back to the top.

, INC.


ENW / CONTACT NAME_____________________________________________________

CYFEIRIAD / ADDRESS _______________________________________________________


COD / ZIP OR POSTAL CODE_________________________

RHIF FFON / PHONE NO _____________________________

Total Amount Remitted

To Pay by Credit Card click on the Button Below

If you pay by credit card, you must still mail this application form to:

Camelot, P.O. Box 673206, Marietta, Georgia 30006-0036.



In acknowledgement of this donation, I will receive:
  1. A membership manual showing how our organization can qualify for U.S. Tax exempt status, as well as attain a legal status in our state and locality.
  2. A Newsletter: The Sword of Dyrnwyn.
  3. A certificate of membership.
  4. Info on Legal Ordination Program.
  5. Church Charter.
  6. Reduced Festival and Gathering fees.
  7. Information on Books and courses for Welsh learners.
  8. Info on Priesthood resident course and home study course.

Byddai o gymorth petaech yn medru talu drwy gyfrwng Gorchymyn Banc. /
It would be a great help if you could arrange for payment by Money Order or Bank Draft.


Camelot Press Group
P.O. Box 673206
Marietta, GA 30006-0036

For further information, you may contact us at rhuddlwm@hotmail.com


For More information: contact us


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