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Dynion Mwyn Study Groups: an Alliance of Study Groups which teach Welsh/Celtic Witchcraft

Coven of Welsh Witchcraft and Wicca dragon


Our Charter:

Dynion Mwyn (DM) Study Groups are designed to fit the special needs of students throughout the World who for whatever reason are unable to meet or study with a certified DM Coven or Grove. We are operated by a democratic council of Welsh Witches who strive to keep our rules just and protective, while being as unrestrictive as possible. Our organization encompasses both individuals and groups, and we strive to promote religious freedom.

DM Study Groups have four main purposes: 1) easy, accessible and safe education for both secular students and the clergy; 2) the legal protection of Witches, and the continuing defense of our First Amendment Rights; 3) the protection of Witches from dangerous or fraudulent educators or clergy, and 4) the education of the Non-Pagan community as to what Welsh Witchcraft is and what Witches do.

We promote the Welsh view of Witchcraft. All DM Study Groups, individuals and educators represented and endorsed by us must follow a basic set of guidelines, rules and a code of ethics, or risk losing all protection, representation and student access. Individuals are encouraged to report infractions and complaints to us, if these complaints are found to be truthful after investigation, Y Dynion Mwyn will take action against the individual or Study Group, included, but not limited to legal action.

The code of ethical conduct:

#1:  All DM Study Groups must follow the statement of Ethics as established in the Bylaws whether Witches or Druids. This includes forbidding activities that would cause physical harm to individual students, "Brainwashing," or animal sacrifice.

#2:  No DM Study group may charge excessive fees for an Introduction Class beyond supply fees ( supply fees include rent of a space to hold meetings, printing of lessons, printing of othjer documents, candles, food and books, but NOT advertising.) Likewise, no group represented by DM may designate a store or crafter from whom supplies MUST be bought.  Study Groups charging fees and putting those fees visibly back into the religion are hereby excluded from this statement.   Classes not relating directly to DM religious practices are not included under this article

#3.  All DM Study Groups must exclude minors from religious activities unless the parent or guardian accompanies the minor or gives written consent for the minor to attend. Rituals at which people under the age of eighteen are present may not be performed "Skyclad." unless the minor, the minor's parent(s) or guardian(s) and the entirety of the group give written consent and then only if it violates no laws....It is still not recommended.)

#4.  If the priest or priestess of a study group is under the age of eighteen, he or she must be supervised by a person of at least twenty-one years of age.

#5.  If the leader of a DM Study Group attempts to establish control over the personal lives of the group beyond the realm of advice, or should make claim to be a messiah, re-incarnation of a god or person, or super-human, and demand worship, we will immediately disband said group, and will NOT, under any circumstances, refer people to, protect, advertise or in any way endorse said group.

#6.  We will not continue to endorse or represent study groups that demand sexual favors from their members, including those groups that expect members to be involved with sexual rites to "advance" within the circle. Likewise groups demanding self- or other- mutilation (i.e.: tattoos, body piercing) or drug use, cannot be endorsed or represented. All such groups will be dibanded and lose all membership and religious rights

#7.  Represented Study Groups may not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, age (see #3,) race, political ideals, past religious history, or sex, with no exclusion of those who may have started life with another or both gender(s).

#8.  We will organize and represent only Study Groups which base their study on a Celtic Welsh Mythos.

#9   Those Individuals and Study Groups whose purpose is to convert, or who preach an "Only way" and do not extend basic respect to those whom they disagree with will be excluded from association with Y Dynion Mwyn. We believe such actions to be contrary to our ethical system and thus contrary to an Individual's rights within our organization

#10:  Your name, address and other information will not be revealed to ANYONE except DM elders and staff members.

#11:  If a referral is made by another group or individual, that group or individual's name will be included on your initial contact form.

#12.  If you refer yourself to another organization or an instructor through us, we will call that organization or instructor and ask permission to give you their number to keep your own number private. Likewise, you may ask an instructor or individual to send mail to Y Dynion Mwyn Study Groups, P.O. Box 672125, Marietta GA 30006, we will then place it in an plain envelope and send it to you.

#13.  Any complaint about a Group Leader, Coven Leader, or someone we endorse, will be investigated and acted upon, BUT if we come to a conclusion that an unethical act has been committed, you will be expected to face the person you accuse in a council, and make that accusation in person.

Any Individual, Group Leader, Coven Leader, or DM staff member breaking these rules will be removed from membership or duty with Y Dynion Mwyn Study Groups.

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